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Fine handmade rugs are an essential design element, when accenting your home. Did you know that most hand made rugs maintain their value, or even appreciate in value as they get older? As such fine rugs are not only an aesthetic addition to your home but also an investment. We procure our inventory from all over the world. We inspect every rug in detail, to ensure it meets with our strict standards, so we can provide the highest quality hand made rugs to our customers. Let our expert design team can help you select the perfect hand made rug for your space.

Persian Point Rugs was founded over 30 years ago in Atlanta GA. From the time our doors opened to the public, to today, we have built relationships with designers, business owners and homeowners and sold tens of thousands of rugs. We built our reputation in the fine woven rugs industry by providing a vast selection at wholesale prices. Our philosophy is to grow relationships first, by serving our customers ‘needs with outstanding service, and provide a high-quality rugs. Most of our customers are repeat clients that we have been serving for many years.